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music monday.

this music monday is dedicated to all the strong, independent women out there. girl power!

enjoy :]

adele ~ rolling in the deep [i know it’s old, but i can’t stop listening to it!]
meg and dia ~ remix to ignition
yeah yeah yeahs ~ skeletons
tegan and sara ~ like o, like h [fave]

my closet.

this weekend i did a lil’ shopping and just had to post my goodies for all to see.

black flats ~ kohls
brown plaid wedges ~ kohls
grey floral tank ~ target
black lace skirt ~ kohls

the price? only $33 – for all of it!


current obsession.

lately, i have been fantasizing about eyewear. glamorous, sassy and unique eyewear. something that no one would imagine me wearing.

warby parker is the best website to browse for sexy, yet subtle glasses. they even tell you which face shape each pair looks best on, aaaaand give you a virtual try-on tool! it gets better. for every pair of glasses sold, they provide a pair to someone in need. amazing, right?

there are three pairs that i am eye-ing [har har]… these, these and these!

i already have a sturdy black pair [even though they have kitty bite marks all over], so i am looking for a neutral pair and a WOW pair. with my new red hair, maybe the green glasses will pop. eh?

what i reeeaaally want are these:

so that i will look like her:

i’ll just have to keep searching… :]


earth day.

sorry about my rant post last night. sometimes everything hits me at once & i snap. i do not hate life and am not miserable – i was just having a rough week.

however, i am thankful for everyone who has given me words of wisdom, and i am thinking of those who are in the same boat as i. we will get through it.

all of the earth day talk today has really been refreshing to hear and read. it’s great to learn that my peers care about the future state of our planet just as much as i do.

if you need some calm in your life today as i do, i suggest watching this beautiful video below, and then heading over to starbucks or caribou for free coffee [when you bring your own mug].

happy earth day, everyone <3



all my life i was told that being an adult was difficult and stressful.

but no one told me that i would feel alone, bombarded and indecisive. no one told me i would be tired every single minute of every single day. no one said i would be questioning every move i make – in the present, as well as in the future.

i received no warning of how difficult it would be.

pay this bill. find a car before the one you have dies. keep a smile on your face. pay that bill. find a new home because the one you’re in is slowly killing you with mold. bite your tongue. pay this bill. deal with headstrong loved ones who always think they’re always right. create a budget. pay that bill. remember to breathe. decide where you want to live. pay this bill. start a new job. find a way to pay for the car and the home you need. keep your composure. pay that bill. look your best. remember names, birthdays, numbers, addresses, etc. please everyone around you. deal with past mistakes. pay another bill.

‘adulthood’ has slammed the gas pedal to the floor and ran me over.


music monday.

happy monday, darlings!

here are some of my favorite songs, ever. they are all just so beautiful. hope they bring a smile to your face on this dreary morning <3

rogue wave ~ lake michigan
jose gonzalez ~ how low
sea wolf ~ leaves in the river
local natives ~ airplanes

royal living.

close your eyes. count to ten. then imagine a beautiful ancient castle. now walk down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. go into the 2nd room on the right. what’s inside?

i would see a chic, comfortable sitting room with large floor to ceiling windows, a stone fireplace and olive tree paint [by ralph lauren] on all of the walls.

facing the fireplace, would be a sitting area, featuring a loveseat and two comfy chairs.


character and color would be added throughout the room with a hibiscus rug, a diy suitcase coffee table & a leather ottoman.


i would see a very large bookcase on the opposite wall, decorated with books, paintings, photographs and antique knicknacks.


i really like the idea of meshing different colors, fabrics and prints together to make a unique atmosphere. all of these wonderful pieces i found are things i love, and would want in my future sitting room [even though it probably wouldn’t be a castle!] :]

what would you include?

leather reading chair
ebony loveseat
corrigan linen chair
hibiscus trellis rug
diy suitcase table
expedition cube
ikea bookcase
fair photograph
brass owl bookends

right this second…

i am procrastinating. i haven’t written my weekly blog topic from last week, let alone this week! granted, i started my job on monday [which really tuckers me out], and by the time i get home, eat and workout – i’m exhausted. i seriously stare at the computer screen for thirty minutes and then go pass out. laaaame. but yeah, expect a blog overload this weekend :D

i’m in total awe of this seventeen year old. her style and closet is to die for!

my body aches. i went to this new yoga class tonight [with a new friend!] and it kicked my butt. oww.

i have this song by okkervil river in my head. it’s so good.

i am obsessed with letters. i think the older i get, the more my love for photo lettering/fonts/script grows. so you can imagine my delight when i checked design sponge this evening and saw this! i love and want it all, please. my dream gift, though?

umm yeah, that’s right. love letter bedding from anthropology. it’s the chic-est, most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. i don’t think i’d ever venture out from under the covers…

speaking of, it’s ten o’clock and this old lady is going to bed now. told you i’m lame. hope everyone has a great friday <3


music monday.

so i know it’s lil’ late to be posting get-up-and-go music, so i decided to do a short playlist that is a little more mellow.

hope you enjoy listening – even if it is on tuesday ;]

death cab for cutie ~ you’re a tourist [their new song!]
peachy keene ~ cut me a break
bear in heaven ~ lovesick teenagers
straylight run ~ another word for desperate [one of my favorite songs, ever]

my closet.

last night a. took me to one of my favorite restaurants around evanston – campagnola – for a lil’ celebratory dinner :]

why is it my favorite, you ask? authentic italian food; an extensive wine list; bruschetta that is to DIE for.

oh, and did you notice something new?

yup! i’m a sassy red head, now! it’s quite dark for me… hopefully after a couple weeks, it will fade into a mild cinnamon color. like? :]

dress – presence in andersonville
grey tights – h&m
patent peep-toe ankle boots – charlotte russe
bracelet on right – gift from madre
*excuse the crappy lighting in all of the pictures!
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