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father’s day.

as i sit in the upstairs part of barnes & noble, overlooking the busy street, i notice all different types of people spending their day together. i see a traditional family – a mother, father, young daughter and son. my heart flutters when i see a grandpa and his granddaughter, crossing the street hand in hand. a number of mothers are out, pushing their babies in strollers. i see young parent to-be waiting their turn to cross the street.

seeing all these relationships on the street makes me think about my own family. growing up without a whole home was hard, and it affects me to this day. i was very lucky to have had my grandfather step in, but it was still difficult being one of the only kids without a father around. father’s day has never been one of my favorite holidays, but i am learning to appreciate it. now that my grandfather has passed, i am starting to think of him when this day comes around, and of course my mother – because let’s face it, she was my mother and my father combined into one.

and as i get older, i see the wonderful men around me who have a fatherly instinct and who eventually want children. i see men who are excited to be grandparents, and young fathers who make their children their number one priority. it warms my heart and gives me a bit of hope that one day i will be connected to men like this.



music monday.

this post is all about bonnaroo.


because i am missing all these amazing bands.

yeah – i’m a little bitter. and possibly a masochist for rubbing my own face in the fact that i am not there. but i can’t help it! it would be such an amazing experience.

ugh. maybe next year… ;]

the head and the heart ~ lost in my mind
explosions in the sky ~ remember me as a time of day
the black keys ~ too afraid to love you

long overdue.

long time no talk, blogg-ees.

so sorry i have been away for so long. we have a ton to catch up on! where to begin?

well… i had a birthday!

i celebrated my twenty fourth with good friends, good beer and a good baseball game [by good friends, i mean my besties the travelled from grand rapids AND kentucky! by good beer, i mean miller light & by a good baseball game, i mean a cold and rainy game where the cubs got spanked].

my madre came into town sunday and stayed the night in our box filled guest bedroom. she helped unpack a bit, and then took me shopping to get a couple things for the apartment :] it was so nice having her here to help with everything.


it was such a fun weekend :]

are you wondering about my presents?

well… i got the gorgeous watch & wallet from a., and the crate and barrel dishes from ma!

plus… a. found us an apartment! :D

it has 90% of everything that was on our short list. 2+ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open updated kitchen, washer & dryer, central air. the downside? garden unit.

BUT – we sucked it up [because we got a great deal], signed a lease and moved in two weeks ago!


so my life has been crazy with packing/unpacking/painting, in addition to working, trying to spend time together and with our friends. we still don’t have everything done yet. but hopefully by the end of the month we will.

that’s that for now. i have lots more to post a.k.a. two weeks worth of blogging ideas! so bare with me, and stay tuned :]