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it’s been three weeks since my last blog post.

three weeks.

what have i been doing?




i have applied for jobs. seen lotsa movies. taken some pictures. but in all reality, i’ve spent most of my time watching season one of glee and modern family, while dangling strings and feathers in front of my two new adorable, rambunctious kittens. [seen here]

so if you know of any jobs – freelance/volunteer/paid/anything – let me know. i’d love to get outta this lazy, blah funk.


square one. again.

monday was the start of my new year and my new plan. a plan to build a life here. to pay off the majority of my debt. to build a strong foundation of doctors, routines and traditions. to finally have things settled.

but instead, monday had a different plan for me.

as soon as i saw that i had woken up thirty minutes late for work, i knew it was going to be a rough day. i rushed around the apartment getting ready and ended up spilling my bronzer all over the bathroom floor. running too late to clean it up, i sprinted out the door – only to find that my car wouldn’t start. when i finally did get to work, my morning took a turn for the worse.

the owners of the company told us that they couldn’t afford to pay my partner and i anymore. they opened a restaurant and hired both of us in the past month, and since we were less valuable, we got the axe. part of me understands the situation, but the other part just doesn’t get how a company doesn’t know their financial situation when they are taking such a huge leap. whatever. there isn’t anything i can do about it.

so now i am back at square one, again. no job. and i am so frustrated and discouraged by the whole thing, that i don’t even have the energy or motivation to job hunt or network.

yippeeeeeee. what a great start to 2011.