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music monday.

as you can see, it’s been a whole week since i’ve posted. i suck.

it gets worse. i probably won’t post for ANOTHER whole week because i will be so so busy.

doing what? very important things of course! such as packing. working. packing. working. moving. sweating. moving. unpacking. drinking. reuniting with friends. eating delicious food. attending a baseball game. unpacking. gossiping. celebrating birthdays. spending time with loved ones. unpacking.

so until then, please enjoy this music monday [current bands/songs i’m obsessed with], think of me fondly and have a terrific week <3

noah and the whale ~ give a little love
brother ~ darling buds of may
sleigh bells ~ rills rills
awolnation ~ sail

music monday.

this music monday revolves around acoustic covers.


because i am utterly obsessed with the coffeehouse acoustic channel on sirius xm radio [mine free for three months!]. i listen to it every day to and from work. it makes me life complete :]

this first song posted is something i heard for the first time this morning. my love for elton john is infinite – so you can imagine how speechless i was when i listened to this cover today. hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

jason mraz ~ rocketman [elton john cover]
city & colour ~ hometown glory [adele cover]
paramore ~ use somebody [kings of lean cover]
ben gibbard & zooey deschanel ~ dream [the everly brothers cover]
augustana ~ dreams [fleetwood mac cover]

the good life.

don’t hate me! i’m so sorry i haven’t blogged all week! i’ve been so crazy busy & everything i wanted to write about seemed like too much to write in the limited time i’ve had.

so where do i start?

my weekend…

consisted of shopping, pedicures, quality time with ma, warm weather and relaxation. it was much needed.



on monday…

i got some surprising news. my new car was in!

hi! that’s me in my new car! new car new car new caaaaaar! :D

[i’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but i am totally addicted to instagram aka a photo editing app for iphones, and have been taking pictures of eeeverything]

next up…

is a new apartment! we have a couple prospects, but i think we’re going to look at a few more before we make a decision. it’s so difficult because we are so picky!

but no worries…

it seems like everything is falling into place :]


birfday list!

due to popular demand [from adam & mi madre], i am putting together a birthday list. now please be advised that this is a list of wishes – not all of them should and can be filled.

1] a bike! chicago is the perfect place to have a bike – all of the little restaurants, shops, beaches and [hopefully] warm weather. my dream bike? this one. but really, i’d be fine with anything with a retro feel for a fraction of the price. because let’s be real, bikes get stolen quite frequently here.

2] toms! these might be something i get myself, because i love the idea of buying one and having a child get a pair, too. but they’re going on the list because i like waaaay too many and need to narrow it down. i like these, these and the three photos below. i know… i have a problem.


3] a new apartment. our apartment sucks and it brings me down every single day. we’re looking for a two bedroom with central air and an open kitchen. is that too much to ask for?

4] new dishes from crate & barrel [or just a gift certificate] ! specifically this set and these dessert plates :]


5] a flurry of things from fossil! oh, how i love fossil. i want this purse, this wallet and maaaybe this watch. there was another watch i found in the store, but i can’t find it on the website :/

6] a massage would be nice…

7] new glasses! which i think i am getting myself very, very soon.

7] world peace :D


music monday.

happy monday!

local music is the subject this week. well… relatively local. enjoy :]

margot and the nuclear so and so’s ~ talking in code [from indianapolis, in]
in tall buildings ~ the way to a monster’s lair [chicago, il]
paucity ~ hombow [grand rapids, mi]
bon iver ~ re: stacks [eau claire, wisconsin]

right this second…

last week’s gossip girl is loading on my computer. i told myself i wouldn’t watch it until i wrote a lil’ somethin! sorry it’s been a whole week since i’ve posted anything :/

i am succumbing to a. and my mother – who both want a birthday list from me. so i am racking my brain and searching the interwebs to find things i want. in all honesty, the only things i’ve wanted are a job [check!], a new car [almost there!] and a new apartment. what’s wrong with a list like that?

this site is one of my favorite things right now! reichel posts everything from chairs and rugs, to dresses and bikes, at a bargain price. umm you know who loves a good sales price? this girl!

i am dying to get back on my couch… i’ve been so lazy this weekend [minus the time i worked this morning], just re-reading the last harry potter book to refresh my memory before the movie comes out ;] i know, i know – i’m such a geek.

i am loving this article that i found on twitter. i think this is something we all have to work – myself especially.

and lastly… i am overcome with nostalgia, as yesterday was graduation day at my alma mater. i cannot believe it has been a whole year since i graduated. i miss school, so much.