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right this second…

last week’s gossip girl is loading on my computer. i told myself i wouldn’t watch it until i wrote a lil’ somethin! sorry it’s been a whole week since i’ve posted anything :/

i am succumbing to a. and my mother – who both want a birthday list from me. so i am racking my brain and searching the interwebs to find things i want. in all honesty, the only things i’ve wanted are a job [check!], a new car [almost there!] and a new apartment. what’s wrong with a list like that?

this site is one of my favorite things right now! reichel posts everything from chairs and rugs, to dresses and bikes, at a bargain price. umm you know who loves a good sales price? this girl!

i am dying to get back on my couch… i’ve been so lazy this weekend [minus the time i worked this morning], just re-reading the last harry potter book to refresh my memory before the movie comes out ;] i know, i know – i’m such a geek.

i am loving this article that i found on twitter. i think this is something we all have to work – myself especially.

and lastly… i am overcome with nostalgia, as yesterday was graduation day at my alma mater. i cannot believe it has been a whole year since i graduated. i miss school, so much.


right this second…

i am procrastinating. i haven’t written my weekly blog topic from last week, let alone this week! granted, i started my job on monday [which really tuckers me out], and by the time i get home, eat and workout – i’m exhausted. i seriously stare at the computer screen for thirty minutes and then go pass out. laaaame. but yeah, expect a blog overload this weekend :D

i’m in total awe of this seventeen year old. her style and closet is to die for!

my body aches. i went to this new yoga class tonight [with a new friend!] and it kicked my butt. oww.

i have this song by okkervil river in my head. it’s so good.

i am obsessed with letters. i think the older i get, the more my love for photo lettering/fonts/script grows. so you can imagine my delight when i checked design sponge this evening and saw this! i love and want it all, please. my dream gift, though?

umm yeah, that’s right. love letter bedding from anthropology. it’s the chic-est, most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. i don’t think i’d ever venture out from under the covers…

speaking of, it’s ten o’clock and this old lady is going to bed now. told you i’m lame. hope everyone has a great friday <3


right this second…

i am scarfing down my leftover blueberry granola pancakes. nomnomnom!

my mouse is clickclickclicking on all these creative walls and handmade things.

i am excited for my interview this afternoon, but even more excited to come home & finish my refurbishment project :D

i’m wishing it were closer to my birthday [may 28th!] so i can start posting numerous wishlists [that include THESE!]

i’m cracking up, watching the video below:


right this second…

i am sitting on my mother’s new comfy burgundy couch, watching sex & the city on e! and listening to her make my favorite dessert [chocolate pudding/vanilla wafers/cool whip – yumo!].

i am still basking in the glory of a lil’ spring shopping we did this afternoon. i’ll be bringing these back to evanston :D

my heart is going out to all those affected in japan and hawaii.

i’m missing my two three lil’ cuddle bugs so much.

my etsy addiction is getting overwhelming. i am obsessed with the vintage parlor shop and would love this and this :

aaaand right this second i am in the process of writing a blog about ‘home’ that i will post tomorrow – so stayed tuned :]