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ya know, i really only like to post blogs once a week or every other week – so not to bore any readers or even bombard them. but, while reading some of my “friends” status’ on facebook [i admit, im a junkie] and some blogs online, i became extremely frustrated. most people either a] did not know what today was, b] didn’t care, and/or c] bashed what today stood for. here are some of the idiotic things i have read already:

~ yet another color/ribbon for some “cause.” enough already.

~ what’s up with all this purple? did someone die?

~ you people need to get over yourself, we are people and should not be defined by our sexuality. maybe, if you kept your private life private (as I do) I do not go around parading that I am a hetrosexual, so shut-up.

~ stop the madness! there are other groups of people in the world who are suffering – not just the gays! open your fucking eyes.

~ there is no reason to honor someone who killed themselves.

i understand that some people do not stand for equal rights amongst homosexuals [i don’t understand why, but that’s besides the point], but shouldn’t ALL people stand for no violence?



i love love love taking pictures. recently, i took some senior pictures of my lil’ bugaboo morgan. it is crazy to think that she will be graduating high school soon and attending college! i feel so old. BUT – the sesh was so much fun. here are some that i just edited :]

like? let me know if you need pictures done – i’d love to build my portfolio :]


hello evanston, illinois.

it has been eleven days since we moved in – but it feels longer than that because we have both been so busy. we like it here though. it’s a college town just like grand rapids, so there is always something to do. plus, it’s close to the lake and the city :]

our apartment: a second floor one bedroom – with a huge living and dining room. the bathroom is tiny, but we’re getting used to it. the kitchen is small, too, but it has these awesome built-in cabinets. very handy. the day after we moved in, we decided to paint the cubed rails on our dining room [aka our office] walls yellow. it looks so good with the dark brown trim! after everything is unpacked & i’ve decorated more, i’ll post pics :]

our neighborhood: so cute and fun. we’re uber close to the L [which takes us into downtown evanston, and into the city], to a starbucks [score!] and to a jewel and whole foods. plus, within a short walk are a ton of antique & book stores – my fave. there is also a studio with zumba, another studio with jazzercise and a couple of restaurants nearby.

downtown evanston: reminds me of grand rapids, but with an american apparel and an urban outfitters ;] oh, and a ginormous university on the lakefront. there are a ton of little vintage shops and boutiques – and i actually got a job at one of them. it is called asinamali, and they sell clothes, shoes, bags & jewelry. some of their lines are even fair trade and/or organic!

downtown chicago: only a 20-30 minute train ride away. we’re going there for the day on saturday & then watching the fireworks that night on navy pier <3

it’s taken a lot of getting used to, but i am liking it here. i could see myself staying for at least a year ;]


goodbye grand rapids, michigan.

though i have grown to know myself in this city, it is time to move on and grow even more.

but here are some of the things i will miss:

being a laker in a city full of lakers. my mother. late night trips to yesterdog and/or coney island and/or sonic. walks around eastown. farmer’s market-ing. college. tuesdays at montes. artprize. the bitter end and biggby. our very cute third floor grandville apartment. revue magazine. going one place and knowing at least four people. sunday fundays. gardellas. the downtown skyline. katie/jess/whitney/caitlin/diamond/fran/erin/margaret/cortney/morgan/colby. thursday night martinis at rockwells. having a zoo, a lake and apple orchards in such close proximity. san chez. knowing my way around the city. gaslight village.

luckily though, g-rap will only be three hours away from me – so i won’t have to go too long without these things :]