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before & after.

a. and i picked up this rocking chair for $25 via craigslist a couple months ago.



the chair was in blah shape. the wood felt grimy and old, and the cushion was an ugly beige microsuede fabric. so we stripped all the grossness away and made it feel much more fresh.



for weeks i searched and searched for the right fabric for this chair. i knew i wanted something bright, but i couldn’t find anything that didn’t look tacky. alas, i found this yellow mum fabric and instantly fell in love with it. it matched our living room perfectly and the pop of white is what i’ve been wanting!

like? :]


before & after.

living in an extremely ‘vintage’ apartment surrounded by hand-me-down furniture, can really get a creative person down. so i decided that i wanted to spruce existing pieces up, and in the future, refurbish old inexpensive pieces i find online.

my first project?

an existing 80’s tin trunk i found at an antique store three years ago. it was black, rusty, beat up and dented – and the paper inside was curling and falling apart.

i really love army green and thought the trunk would look great in that color – feminine yet tough at the same time. it took me days to decide on a fabric… but when i finally did, i was so excited.

the result? a cottage-chic storage chest :]

the kittens seem to like it – but do you?