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right this second…

i am oogling the new missoni line for target… specifically these super fun rainboots and this bike that i LOVE! seriously – to die for.

my little white&yellow project is almost done! can’t wait to show you the finished product :]

i’m wishing i had fun plans for labor day. i have nothing set in stone – just a bunch of maybe’s. what are you guys doin’?

[d.i.y. alert] i’m going bonkers for this picture! must. do. now.

it’s baby madness around here lately. my good friend diego and his beautiful girlfriend just welcomed their first son, maximiliano, in venezuela! my other good friend, francesca, is awaiting the birth of her little bundle of joy, parker. any day now!

i cannot stop watching this social media video my cute friend kate posted to her twitter. her description when she posted? ’embrace it… it’s not going anywhere.’ that is why i love her.


take a moment…

… and check out my first post at music tour reviews! [blurb & photos courtesy of muah] :D




hi folks! i have two HUGE announcements! ready? :D


design*sponge has a book coming out at the end of the month and they’re going on a book tour! they’re stopping in washington d.c., los angeles, nashville, [etc.] AND chicago! details on timing and location aren’t posted yet, BUT they’re coming for TWO days in october. mark your calendars, designers, thrifters & d.i.y-ers!


two weeks ago i got the opportunity [from a fellow photographer i work with] to photograph warped tour – meaning i got a free media pass & got to feel the sweat dripping off hayley williams [of paramore] :]

well… peter ended up giving me the contact information for the concert review site he works for, and last week i contacted them about contributing. they said they’d love to have me! so i gave them a list of shows i would love to shoot within the next couple weeks [peter bjorn & john; incubus; death cab for cutie; jack’s mannequin/guster], and waited.

and waited.

today when i got home from work, i got an email from the company saying that i got approved to shoot…


on sunday! i have loved them since i was in junior high, but have never been able to get tickets to a show. now i have the opportunity to be a foot away from brandon boyd!?


sad news.

on sunday night, virgil dressander passed away. he was my mother’s boss – but more like a father to her and a grandfather to me. he was  funny, quick-witted, and intelligent. he was a savvy business owner, a caring man and an amazing husband.

his death will leave a tremendous hole in our hearts.