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music monday!

today was a long, long day at work. my lunch break made me super sleepy & i just couldn’t shake my irritability with some of the customers.

but on my drive home, i heard band of skulls’ new song ‘sweet sour’. so good. i cranked up the volume and all my frustrations instantly melted away. don’t you love when that happens?

hope you enjoy this song as much as i did!


music monday.

happy monday!

local music is the subject this week. well… relatively local. enjoy :]

margot and the nuclear so and so’s ~ talking in code [from indianapolis, in]
in tall buildings ~ the way to a monster’s lair [chicago, il]
paucity ~ hombow [grand rapids, mi]
bon iver ~ re: stacks [eau claire, wisconsin]

music monday.

this music monday is dedicated to all the strong, independent women out there. girl power!

enjoy :]

adele ~ rolling in the deep [i know it’s old, but i can’t stop listening to it!]
meg and dia ~ remix to ignition
yeah yeah yeahs ~ skeletons
tegan and sara ~ like o, like h [fave]

music monday.

happy monday, darlings!

here are some of my favorite songs, ever. they are all just so beautiful. hope they bring a smile to your face on this dreary morning <3

rogue wave ~ lake michigan
jose gonzalez ~ how low
sea wolf ~ leaves in the river
local natives ~ airplanes

music monday.

so i know it’s lil’ late to be posting get-up-and-go music, so i decided to do a short playlist that is a little more mellow.

hope you enjoy listening – even if it is on tuesday ;]

death cab for cutie ~ you’re a tourist [their new song!]
peachy keene ~ cut me a break
bear in heaven ~ lovesick teenagers
straylight run ~ another word for desperate [one of my favorite songs, ever]