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weekly photo challenge

this week’s theme: refuge

this picture was taken this past summer in the coloma, michigan area. my good friend cortney [the gorgeous girl in the photo] and i spent the day frolicking and photog-ing. we found this amazing tree in someone’s lawn – and so the owners wouldn’t see us, we took refuge in it. the result? a dark, grainy but beautiful shot.


weekly photo challenge.

what could be better than merging photography and blogging together? well, maybe a hot fudge/banana sundae… but after that, nothing! so thanks [again!] to my amazing friend kate for suggesting i partake in this challenge.

this week’s theme: curiosity.

this picture was taken in downtown grand rapids during a summer festival. a family was eating lunch in the art museum, while their toddler crawled around and climbed up the window to people watch :]