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book review time

“things usually work out in the end.”
“what if they don’t?”
“that just means you haven’t come to the end yet.”

jeannette walls gives us a deep look into her abnormal past and upbringing as the daughter of an alcoholic father and a carefree mother. her story takes us through all of the hardships her whole family incurs – burning her face cooking hot dogs at three years old; not having running water or electricity at many of her homes; dumpster diving; going days without food as a child; etc. after being fed up, jeannette finally moves to new york to follow her older sister, and her dreams. consequently the rest of the family follows, leaving each child with the burden and decision of helping or not helping their parents overcome the life they had been living.

after hearing many recommendations, i decided to finally give the book a try. it took me only two days to read it, i couldn’t put it down. her description’s were so raw & her experiences made me cringe – but they intrigued me as well. i wanted to know more – whether or not her father would get over his addiction; whether or not she would actually move to new york; etc. the book was extremely inspirational to me too – especially at this time in my life, it was a great read & a great motivational push. walls even made me consider writing a memoir in the future…. lord knows i have a lot of experiences to write about.

if you haven’t read ‘the glass castle’ yet, i suggest you do. great read.


now now.

i reread the previous blog dozens of times & i realized it sounded pretty blue. but im not looking for any pity, folks. im just telling it like it is. its hard out there. not many people can find a job in the field they graduated in. but ill keep looking and applying, because that’s what i have to do. i can’t give up.


square one.

well as some of you know, i did not get the job in texas. actually, i didn’t even get a chance to get the job. the lady i interviewed with told me to call in two days… and then never called or answered my calls. how rude.

two months ago i was told by the company i intern for that they would not consider keeping or hiring another employee because they could not afford it. therefore, i began my search for something permanent elsewhere. yesterday i go into work and find a new girl sitting at my desk. her name? shannon. her purpose? marketing. aka pretty much the same things i have been doing & getting praise for in the past two months. is she an intern? no. its her part time job. how rude.

so im applying and applying and applying and applying for anything and everything – everywhere. its extremely frustrating being back at square one.



so………… one of my old professors from grand valley called me the other night asking if i wanted to move to texas. does anyone ever want to move to texas? no. she said ‘that’s too bad. b/c i have a job for you’. of course my ears perked up and i shut my mouth [lets be real – i’m a 23 year old with a non-paying internship. im desperate.]. she continued to tell me that she knew of a sponsorship assistant needed in houston, for a well-known company. the company, you ask? LIVE NATION. that’s right. the company that manages ALL of the HUGE and AMAZING concert venues ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! immediately i am flabbergasted. shocked. tongue tied. she then continues to tell me that she thinks its 30 grand a year/full time/benefits. a big girl job! i freak out even more. so i get her email address and send her my cover letter & resume.

its been two days and i am on the edge of my seat. i haven’t heard from her. i HATE the waiting game. despise it.

can you imagine me in texas? me neither. but i am wishing/crossing my fingers/trying to be optimistic/trying not to get my hopes up/etc. i want this job. i will get this job.