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music monday!

today was a long, long day at work. my lunch break made me super sleepy & i just couldn’t shake my irritability with some of the customers.

but on my drive home, i heard band of skulls’ new song ‘sweet sour’. so good. i cranked up the volume and all my frustrations instantly melted away. don’t you love when that happens?

hope you enjoy this song as much as i did!


music monday.

i have listened to ‘the lights and buzz‘ by jack’s mannequin many, many times, but for some reason i had never acknowledged the fact that it is kind of a christmas song. that’s until i listened to it on this christmas cd… ‘gift-wrapped: 20 songs that keep on giving’ [which is an amazing and quirky holiday cd].

looking at it, you would think that it had christmas classics by dean martin or dolly parton [i don’t know, just go with it…], but once you push play, you’re pleasantly surprised by the quirkyness of it. it has upbeat remakes by regina spektor, my chemical romance, and tyler hilton – as well as originals from melee and relient k. if you’re into country, the cd even has songs from randy travis and george strait :]

so if you get tired of the same ole’ christmas songs that play over and over on the radio, check this album out – you won’t be disappointed!


apology + music monday.

so it’s 8:00 [at night] and i feel like a complete loser for not posting my dining room tour like i said i would. we had a little leakage underneath our kitchen sink, so everything is out on the counter air-drying. ugh – im sorry! instead, i have decided to post it when it is decorated for thanksgiving. can you wait that long? :]

back to the [late] music monday post…

today my friend kate posted a video on my facebook wall. it was this song by the crane wives. i listened to ten seconds of it and was hooked. after that, i spotified and listened to their whole album. to me, they are a mix of the head and the heart, and the civil wars. needless to say, i am forever a fan [‘october’ is my favorite song <3]. but it gets better – i learned that the whole band is from west michigan! primarily, grand rapids! [side note: i stalked their facebook fan page, and i am pretty sure i have met/have talked to/have seen almost everyone in the group. crazy.]

so if have spotify/youtube or are in the grand rapids area, check the crane wives out – you won’t regret it. if you have listened to the album, what is your favorite song on it?


music monday.

today is the start of the holiday season at starbucks! to amp up for it [because i will be doing the floor set this afternoon], i have been listening to she & him’s new christmas album :]

i love that their versions of the songs sound christmas-y, but not over the top – which is perfect, because it’s only november 14th! are you listening to christmas music yet?



music tuesday.

music… tuesday? wait, what?


today is the official release date of the breaking dawn [part one] soundtrack!

i am obsessed with the twilight saga – the books and music, not so much with the movies. the past soundtracks have been so deeply connected to the books and the music was outstanding. hence my excitement for the release of this soundtrack.

i have listened to the majority of it so far [yes, i know it’s only 9am] and i find some of the songs a bit too pop-y for my taste. however, there are a couple songs that i thought i would hate because of who the artists are, but in fact i love them. christina perri’s “a thousand years” is quite beautiful, and bruno mars’ “it will rain” is so catchy that i want to listen to it over and over.

another thing i love about soundtracks in general, is that you get introduced to new artists. imperial mammoth is someone i had never heard of before, but i will be listening to them more because their song ‘requiem on water’ is breathtaking. as is aqualung and lucy schwartz’s “cold”.

so don’t take my advice, listen to the soundtrack for free on spotify! after your done, let me know your thoughts & favorite songs :]


music monday.

here are a couple of my favorite halloween-esqe songs to get you in the trick-or-treating mood!

happy halloween!

witchy woman ~ the eagles
monster ~ paramore
thriller ~ m.j.

music monday.

happy music monday, kids :]

here are a couple of my favorite upbeat songs right meow. turn ’em up & show monday who’s boss!

newton faulkner ~ gone in the morning
noah and the whale ~ l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.
friendly fires ~ show me lights



music monday.

this post is all about bonnaroo.


because i am missing all these amazing bands.

yeah – i’m a little bitter. and possibly a masochist for rubbing my own face in the fact that i am not there. but i can’t help it! it would be such an amazing experience.

ugh. maybe next year… ;]

the head and the heart ~ lost in my mind
explosions in the sky ~ remember me as a time of day
the black keys ~ too afraid to love you

music monday.

as you can see, it’s been a whole week since i’ve posted. i suck.

it gets worse. i probably won’t post for ANOTHER whole week because i will be so so busy.

doing what? very important things of course! such as packing. working. packing. working. moving. sweating. moving. unpacking. drinking. reuniting with friends. eating delicious food. attending a baseball game. unpacking. gossiping. celebrating birthdays. spending time with loved ones. unpacking.

so until then, please enjoy this music monday [current bands/songs i’m obsessed with], think of me fondly and have a terrific week <3

noah and the whale ~ give a little love
brother ~ darling buds of may
sleigh bells ~ rills rills
awolnation ~ sail

music monday.

this music monday revolves around acoustic covers.


because i am utterly obsessed with the coffeehouse acoustic channel on sirius xm radio [mine free for three months!]. i listen to it every day to and from work. it makes me life complete :]

this first song posted is something i heard for the first time this morning. my love for elton john is infinite – so you can imagine how speechless i was when i listened to this cover today. hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

jason mraz ~ rocketman [elton john cover]
city & colour ~ hometown glory [adele cover]
paramore ~ use somebody [kings of lean cover]
ben gibbard & zooey deschanel ~ dream [the everly brothers cover]
augustana ~ dreams [fleetwood mac cover]