royal living.

close your eyes. count to ten. then imagine a beautiful ancient castle. now walk down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. go into the 2nd room on the right. what’s inside?

i would see a chic, comfortable sitting room with large floor to ceiling windows, a stone fireplace and olive tree paint [by ralph lauren] on all of the walls.

facing the fireplace, would be a sitting area, featuring a loveseat and two comfy chairs.


character and color would be added throughout the room with a hibiscus rug, a diy suitcase coffee table & a leather ottoman.


i would see a very large bookcase on the opposite wall, decorated with books, paintings, photographs and antique knicknacks.


i really like the idea of meshing different colors, fabrics and prints together to make a unique atmosphere. all of these wonderful pieces i found are things i love, and would want in my future sitting room [even though it probably wouldn’t be a castle!] :]

what would you include?

leather reading chair
ebony loveseat
corrigan linen chair
hibiscus trellis rug
diy suitcase table
expedition cube
ikea bookcase
fair photograph
brass owl bookends

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