recap friday.

this week hasn’t been as productive or exciting as i had thought it was going to be. why? because i have been extremely sick since tuesday. i haven’t done much all week, except lay on the couch, watch movies & take medicine. it’s lucky that i’m participating in some ‘photo of the day’ fun-ness on instagram, or else i wouldn’t have any pictures to recap!



1. ‘what you wore’ – since i didn’t want to take a picture of me in my sicky clothes, i chose to take a picture of my beloved lotion. i wear it every day b/c it smells like heaven. [yes, i know it says foot cream –  i use it on my hands too!]

2. ‘what makes you smile’ – owlies, duh! :]

3. ‘what you adore’ – i adore this man because he took the day off to take care of me. he’s so good.

4. our nye outfits!

5. ‘a picture of you’ – after our nye festivities.

6. ‘a letterbox’ – there was no way i was leaving my couch to get a picture of my mailbox, so i got a picture of the letter tray in my office, instead :]

speaking of office… once i get better, i am hoping to post a ‘house tour’ of it! i know i said the bedroom would be next, but we moved some things around & actually made an office possible. i’m pretty excited about it & can’t wait to show it off :]

have a good weekend, everyone!

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