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house tour – dining room edition!

the time has finally come to show you all our dining room and kitchen! it took us an extremely long time to finally find everything and put it together [and we’re not done – we still need bar stools!], but we’re so excited and proud of it thus far. hope you like it as much as we do :]


this table was once our coffee table. a. cut the legs off of it and put new ones on – then i shabby-chic-ed it with white and gray paint, and polyurethaned it. we found these amazing bruno chairs on craigslist a couple weeks ago [for a steal!].


i found this woven rug at anthroplogie – it’s actually a table cloth, but the pattern and thickness was perfect for the floor. the ‘gather’ banner was something i made a week or so ago for thanksgiving – but i love it so much, i may keep it up there permanently!


these chairs were found at a little garage sale near work – i really wanted four but couldn’t pass up the two, especially at such a good price. i set these at the far end of the room with two vintage suitcases, to create a sitting space for extra friends who come over.


this kitchen shelf is one of my favorite things in our house. it’s super simple, but i love that i can change it up whenever i feel like it. the new orleans sign was found at a flea market – i’m fancy and adam gambles… it’s perfect! the clipboards were an idea i stole from pinterest, all furnished with pictures i took.


i know it’s weird to take a picture of one’s fridge, but i couldn’t wait to show off my instagrams magnets from stickygram! you just log in to your instagram account, choose the pictures you want and then wait a week or two for them to show up at your door. i love them.

you have now seen the living areas of our home – next up will be our master bedroom! it is basically done, but i found some things via pinterest that i would love to add… so stay tuned for that! :]