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apology + music monday.

so it’s 8:00 [at night] and i feel like a complete loser for not posting my dining room tour like i said i would. we had a little leakage underneath our kitchen sink, so everything is out on the counter air-drying. ugh – im sorry! instead, i have decided to post it when it is decorated for thanksgiving. can you wait that long? :]

back to the [late] music monday post…

today my friend kate posted a video on my facebook wall. it was this song by the crane wives. i listened to ten seconds of it and was hooked. after that, i spotified and listened to their whole album. to me, they are a mix of the head and the heart, and the civil wars. needless to say, i am forever a fan [‘october’ is my favorite song <3]. but it gets better – i learned that the whole band is from west michigan! primarily, grand rapids! [side note: i stalked their facebook fan page, and i am pretty sure i have met/have talked to/have seen almost everyone in the group. crazy.]

so if have spotify/youtube or are in the grand rapids area, check the crane wives out – you won’t regret it. if you have listened to the album, what is your favorite song on it?