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music tuesday.

music… tuesday? wait, what?


today is the official release date of the breaking dawn [part one] soundtrack!

i am obsessed with the twilight saga – the books and music, not so much with the movies. the past soundtracks have been so deeply connected to the books and the music was outstanding. hence my excitement for the release of this soundtrack.

i have listened to the majority of it so far [yes, i know it’s only 9am] and i find some of the songs a bit too pop-y for my taste. however, there are a couple songs that i thought i would hate because of who the artists are, but in fact i love them. christina perri’s “a thousand years” is quite beautiful, and bruno mars’ “it will rain” is so catchy that i want to listen to it over and over.

another thing i love about soundtracks in general, is that you get introduced to new artists. imperial mammoth is someone i had never heard of before, but i will be listening to them more because their song ‘requiem on water’ is breathtaking. as is aqualung and lucy schwartz’s “cold”.

so don’t take my advice, listen to the soundtrack for free on spotify! after your done, let me know your thoughts & favorite songs :]