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halloween inspiration.

halloween in our house was a bust this year.

i mean, we visited the pumpkin patch, ate donuts & drank cider – but the halloween day itself was a bust. we didn’t dress up, didn’t pass out candy, nor did we watch scary movies [which i wouldn’t do anyway]. i didn’t feel well at all yesterday and we didn’t want to spend money on costumes, which quite frankly are crazy expensive. all in all, we were lame.

but next year will be different!

you know the day after halloween when you’re browsing everyone’s drunken facebook pictures and you see a ton of great ideas for costumes that you vow to remember – but you never do?

well i’ve decided to make a list of great ideas, so that next year i can look back at it for inspiration.

yesterday i was working at starbucks & i saw the cutest little girl ever dressed up like madeline. she looked JUST like her! and even seemed to have the accent! such a great costume for a little one [or for me… :)]

i love almost famous. i love penny lane. what wouldn’t i be her for halloween? duh!

these might be the sweetest owlie cupcakes i have ever seen! i will definitely make these next year.

this is originally what i wanted a. and i to be. unfortunately, i had this idea a week before halloween, so i didn’t have much time or money to focus on making the outfits. maybe next year? :]

what were you dressed as this year? i would love to see pictures!