jessLC pop up shop!

a couple months ago, i connected with jess constable about her upcoming pop-up shop in chicago. i have been a follower of her blog and a lover of her designs for a while now, and thought that helping her out for the day would be fun.

and i was right!

i worked with jess and her assistant, melissa, on bringing the jessLC feel to the booth we had at the FashionChicago show in millennium park. we talked, sold, laughed and played with the jewelry and scarves. jess’ pieces look beautiful online, but they look even more beautiful in real life. the necklaces caught the light perfectly, the bags looked so chic and the bright i-pad cases caught everyone’s attention.

both jess and melissa are so sweet, sincere and driven. jess started her designing business at the age of fifteen and has been expanding and perfecting her skills ever since. melissa is going to college for fashion marketing and working three different jobs/internships. it was so amazing meeting them!

below are some pictures from the event. to see more, visit my facebook page!


if you’re interested in learning more about starting your own business or just have questions in general, feel free to browse jess’ amazing blog or contact her! if you’re in the area on november 3rd, feel free to stop by the ‘business in the city’ event too! :]


One Comment to “jessLC pop up shop!”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH Tabitha for all of your help on Saturday! I am so happy to have had your wonderful expertise, we simply could not have done the event without you!

    I hope you can make it tonight as well – : ).

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