it’s official. i have a very serious addiction. it’s something i haven’t been able to give up or live without for the past week. they’ve been keeping me up at night and have even started to get in between a. and me.

i’ll give you a hint: they’re about two inches wide and about 400 pages long.

oh, and there’s three of them.

give up?

the hunger games series!

it’s been almost a week & i’ve finished the first two books and am now starting the third. they’re so good.

at first, i was skeptical to start this series because of my past experiences with them. the harry potter series was my first love. i read each book in about a day and continuously reread them after that. when the production of the books ended, i was able to look forward to the release of each movie. but now, there is nothing to look forward to – the series is over. the twilight series was next and during a time in my life when i needed it. i hung onto everything single word in those books and [though im embarrassed to admit] they took over my life. the movies, on the other hand, did not because i was extremely disappointed in them. now that im reading the hunger games series, i can’t help but worry how the ending will be, or if the movies will be any good…

okay that’s my geek post of the week. what are you guys reading? do you ever get as entrapped in a book [or series] as i do?


2 Comments to “addiction.”

  1. I used to get caught up in the Hardy Boys. Then there was Narnia…The books are so much better than the movies, not that the movies are bad. I tend to get caught up in Sherlock Holmes stories as well. The movies are highly entertaining, but its just not how I imagine Holmes. I have never got caught up in a book and read it in a couple days though.

  2. I absolutely get caught up in a good series! There is nothing better than a fantastic story to lose yourself in. You know I am a die hard Harry Potter fan and I will never be ashamed of my addiction to books. They are one of the most enriching parts of my life.

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