design*sponge book signing.

remember this post? well.. since then, i pre-ordered and received the book in the mail, and had rsvp’d to the book signing! on tuesday, i had the pleasure [repeat: pleaaaasure] of being able to attend the design*sponge book signing event at chicago’s downtown anthropologie.

this is me [hi!] waiting in line to get my book signed. the line wasn’t too bad, though – they provided champagne & cupcakes!

THIS is the lovely and wonderful grace bonney, founder & editor of design*sponge. she was so pint-sized.. i could have fitted her in my pocket!

yeah, that’s me [with my hair looking red for some reason] just talking to grace – and her just signing my book. no big deal.

and this is the final product! ‘tabitha – thanks so much for reading! <3 grace b.’

i’ll say it was a very successful night :D


p.s. if you want to catch design*sponge in action, visit their website to see if they’re coming to a city near you! also, check out today’s episode of the nate berkus show!


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