live inspired.

that’s kate [she’s pretty much amazing]. that’s me [when i was blonde and skinny – sigh].

i have known kate for about four years. we met in an italian class our sophomore [or junior?] year of college. she was kind, loud, and extremely funny – i instantly liked her. we had another class or two together, graduated and then parted ways. i stayed in michigan for a bit & then moved to chicago, while she moved to nashville.

kate has recently moved back to michigan – where she has been keeping busy with her great job and her amazing new blog, live inspired. live inspired inspires people to find the good in the little things every single day. kate posts inspiring and thoughtful stories on her blog, while posting smile-worthy pictures and quotes on her facebook page. i love being able to check my facebook daily, and seeing a positive message. kate asked me a couple weeks ago if i could write a post about my journey through work struggles and my new photography business. so i did! it was way fun writing about what inspires me, in hopes of helping people find what inspires them.

and now, i am happy to announce that kate’s amazing optimism will be gracing the pages of this blog! she has graciously obliged to writing a lil’ blurb about herself and her journey – including her path to her new blog. so stay tuned to see her post, and in the meantime, check out her pages!


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