before & after.

so i’m sitting here on my comfy couch, marvelling at the fact that my whole house is clean and semi-put-together. not gonna lie, it feels amazing. and it’s going to feel even more amazing when we get back from vegas next week and the apartment is still put-together! i did good. and because i did good [and have some extra time before we have to leave for the airport] i am going to give you a little sneak peek of my recent refurb project :]


the day before we moved out of our old apartment, adam and i found a bookshelf out in the alley. it was in rough shape. it was dusty, musty and painted two different colors.



i sanded and sanded and sanded every inch of it, then i painted two coats of white paint. after that dried, i painted two coats of vintage red [by behr]. and *voila!


it’s definitely a deeper, darker red in person, which looks really good against the taupe-y yellow walls.

like? :]

*excuse the fact that i don’t have a full length picture*

4 Responses to “before & after.”

  1. Tab, I love that!! The color is beautiful, good choice :)

    <3 Juney

  2. So… I’m kind of in love with your wall color. Care to share what color that is?!


  3. thanks alexis! it’s ‘raffia ribbon’ by behr :]


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