current obsession.

now that we are all moved in, i am trying to piece together the apartment little by little. we’ve painted the living area, have gotten the kitchen all unpacked & decorated [see below], and have started decorating the guest bedroom. we still have so much to do. we have yet to paint our bedroom, still need to unpack the office, and are in the process of trying to find new [inexpensive] furniture.

because our apartment is a ground unit, it is a bit dark. i have been yearning for more light, and therefore have started to gravitate toward the color white. since we painted the walls a yellow-y taupe color, and i want to add white accessories.

i’ve already started in the kitchen with white mugs & porcelain containers from anthropologie. i got the cute little white and green waterer from the flea market in shipshawana, as well as the vintage new orleans sign. i’m a fancy woman, and a. gambles – why wouldn’t i get it? :D

and then today i decided to paint my black hand-me-down mirror. needs a lil’ touch-up & scraping, but looks good so far.

what i really want, though, are two white storage ottomans to replace our ginormous coffee table [that we eventually want to make into a dining room table]. you can see the ones i want at my pinterest – along with everything else i want & love, thus far :] this site is addicting, so beware!

hopefully in the next couple weeks i’ll have more ‘white’ things to show you – so stay tuned! :]


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