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my closet.

last week i was lucky enough to have a couple days off at work, due to a big storm they had up north. our building did not have electricity, so we tried to work from home. what did i do once i finished all i could do? shop, of course!

anthropology was having a huuuge sale & i ended up getting some goodies for cheap!

two adorable white porcelain containers for seven dollars each. i put sugar in one & brown sugar in the other.
a teal doorknob for my closet door – which may be too big, but we’ll see.
gorgeous yellow, rock-looking earrings.
the most amazing skirt. ever. for only $20! it’s one of my favorite things i own now :]

i was so excited about my skirt, that i wore it the next day to the pride parade in lincoln park!


the parade was unlike anything i had ever been to before. it literally looked like a page out of ‘where’s waldo’ – so many people wearing the most colorful clothing, doing the craziest things :]

it was so. much. fun.