father’s day.

as i sit in the upstairs part of barnes & noble, overlooking the busy street, i notice all different types of people spending their day together. i see a traditional family – a mother, father, young daughter and son. my heart flutters when i see a grandpa and his granddaughter, crossing the street hand in hand. a number of mothers are out, pushing their babies in strollers. i see young parent to-be waiting their turn to cross the street.

seeing all these relationships on the street makes me think about my own family. growing up without a whole home was hard, and it affects me to this day. i was very lucky to have had my grandfather step in, but it was still difficult being one of the only kids without a father around. father’s day has never been one of my favorite holidays, but i am learning to appreciate it. now that my grandfather has passed, i am starting to think of him when this day comes around, and of course my mother – because let’s face it, she was my mother and my father combined into one.

and as i get older, i see the wonderful men around me who have a fatherly instinct and who eventually want children. i see men who are excited to be grandparents, and young fathers who make their children their number one priority. it warms my heart and gives me a bit of hope that one day i will be connected to men like this.



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