my closet / day date

this weekend a. and i decided to get out of the house and have a lil’ day date downtown taking pictures, eating food & admiring the green river. but as we were riding the el, we realized that we were a week late on the st. patrick’s day festivities. so at the last minute, we decided to peruse the neighborhood of old town. and boy are we glad we did! it’s now our new favorite neighborhood :]

we came across the cutest little shops. there was a great spice shop, a nicole miller that i wouldn’t bring myself to in, and tons of restaurants. my favorite shops were pulp and ink [so in love with stationary], the fudge pot [umm hi chocolate shaped everything] and a lil’ flower shop with three stories worth of flowers, wreaths, vases and more. for dinner we ate a new place called the flat top grille – it was like a mongolian bbq on steroids. SO yummy!

we didn’t get too many pictures that day – but here are a few we snagged [don’t judge my senior photo pose… i get nervous when my picture is being taken!].

jean blazer ~ ann taylor loft
sweater ~ h&m
jeans ~ kohls
boots ~ charlotte russe
scarf ~ target
cute boy ~ a. :]

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