smile like you mean it.

a couple of days ago, my friend kate asked me if i would be her blogging buddy for wordpress’ daily post. every day wordpress will send each of us a topic that we can choose or toss. if we find one that suffices our fancy, we write a blog about it. since i have nothing else to do [besides work out, eat & job hunt], i obliged. maybe blogging more will give us unemployed bums a morale boost? let’s hope so. as of right now, we’re going to blog once/week through the daily post – and more if we wish.

this week’s topic?

something that makes you smile.

sunshine. owlies. tea with honey. reading. chicago.

music also makes me smile – so much so that no matter what bad mood i am in, a great song can lift my spirits, make me head bob and sing. my favorite go-to boost music? fall out boy. bon iver. 311. gaga. the spill canvas. cartel. dear & the headlights.

what makes you happy?


One Comment to “smile like you mean it.”

  1. I love that photo!

    Nice job on the blog, sista! And good call on Gaga making you smile. Twinners. Or at least the fact that her and any other zippy song makes me feel like going to da club to DANCE. lol.

    Heart you, dear! :D

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