no resolutions. just progress.

it’s that time again. that time when you evaluate the past year, in hopes of making the next one better. but let’s be real – how many people actually keep their resolutions list around, let alone fulfill them? not many. and definitely not me. instead, im going to try and make progress in my life.

my past year was extremely eventful – a rollercoaster, to say the least. the loss of a loved one shook my whole life around. but then i met an amazing man. and in may, i graduated college. in october, i moved to a different state. now, i am living with a boy. and working a big girl job [which is a pain in the butt, but a total blessing].

in between the crazyness and stress of the past year, i seemed to have forgotten about myself. so, this coming year is all about… ME. well, sorta. it’s basically going to be about making me a well-rounded human being instead of a lump on a log. case in point – adam and i got a wii for christmas [thanks mom!] and the day after we played the boxing game, i was sore. like, old lady/can’t move kind of sore. i learned that i am waaay outta shape and need a workout routine asap.

there are other things i want to work on too – like my finances. my goal is to get out of debt [minus my $33,000 student loan, of course (fml)] by the end of the year – in addition to opening one short term and one long term savings account and an IRA. and now that i have a little medical insurance, i really want to build a support system in this city while i am here. that means finding a good doctor, dentist, chiropractor.

so… 2011 isn’t going to be about making promises i won’t keep – it will be about making lifestyle changes & eventually seeing progress within myself and the life around me.


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