as i rolled over in bed and looked at the clock this morning, the past week snowballed onto me and i immediately realized that i had finally entered adulthood.

a] my sleep schedule has become 10-7. every day. even today – a saturday – my day off. i went to bed at 1030 [on a friday night – who am i?]. woke up at 7. tossed/turned until 8. lame.

b] i don’t really remember the last time i went out with the girls to dance and get my drink on. maybe for graduation? i just cannot hold my liquor anymore – four drinks and i am donezo. i don’t have the energy to go out until midnight, let alone 2am. who am i kidding – i don’t even have the energy to go out unless the sun is shining. so lame.

c] on wednesday, i get a humongous paycheck. what am i going to doing with it? pay bills. and more bills. what’s worse is that i am looking forward to it! i have all of my bills lined up on my desk, and as soon as my direct deposit goes through, i’ll start checking them off my list with glee. double lame.

don’t get me wrong, i still have little kid tendencies – i am eating captain crunch as i write this, & im uber excited to go to the zoo on sunday – but in the end, i have turned into an adult. an adult i don’t recognize.


2 Comments to “adulthood.”

  1. Sucks, don’t it? :(
    Actually, you’re in the beginning stages of adulthood, which is even better.

    Holding four drinks is still a pretty decent number in adulthood. Mine is two until I start to feel it. Used to be higher in college.

    Yeah, adulthood isn’t all that grand, but there are several perks to it, if you look a bit closer. Because you’re in that beginning stage, you still have your parents to bail you out, if you feel the need or ever get into a bind. I know that’s something you don’t want to happen, but it’s called family; they’ll be there for you through whatever.

    We have the ability to make our own decisions and mistakes.
    Okay, so we’re not in college anymore and there is more responsibility, but when you have some special to go through life with, adulthood isn’t all that bad. Or if you don’t have that, you have a big group of friends to rely on to go through it with, who share in the same joys and frustrations.

    You need to make adulthood fun and adjust to its lame curve balls. For example, a really lame way to enjoy adulthood is saving money on bills. Bills are boring, but if there is a way to make your bills cheaper or your grocery bill go down, hey, that’s extra play money in your pocket (haha, I typed pockety). The little bit of savings here and there really will make a difference. Again, it’s totally lame to brag about, but you know, the people who are really knee deep in adulthood will recognize and be so happy for you that you saved $5 a month on your cable bill ($60 a year!).

    So, you may not know this adult, but you will. Granted, adulthood may not be as fun as college, but life is what you make it. And so is adulthood.

  2. Feel you so much in this one! And agreed with what Kate said above me, 4 drinks is great! I used to be able to hold my liquor so well in college — all those martini nights at mojos and 2-1-2 tuesdays at montes totally boosted my tolerance wayyyy up! And now I’m totally tipsy after 2 adult beverages anymore. And I go to bed super early, and wake up at 6, and don’t always have the energy to go out on a Friday night. Clubs? I don’t think I’ve been to one of those since graduation. Oh wait, once for my brother’s 21st in GRap but that’s about it.

    So, here’s to adulthood. Hopefully soon enough we’ll start recognizing ourselves this way, without losing the crazy spirit we had in our days at GV. :)

    <3 Steph

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