the fifth of november.

november, already? it seems october has left me within the blink of an eye. what’s felt like two days, has really been a whole month since we moved to evanston. and i feel like i haven’t accomplished anything. no big girl job. no decision on whether or not i want [or can afford] to go to graduate school. no exciting news or happenings. im in limbo. just floating, waiting for gravity to give me a push in the right direction. in the mean time, i have been trying to keep myself busy – working at asinamali/coucou ; joining a book club ; trying to network with the people i met at the chamber of commerce meeting ; exploring ; spending the little time adam and i have together [he has been working 10hr. days & driving an hour each way] ; reading ; applying for jobs like woah. even with all this, i am still bored.

however, there are things im looking forward to: thanksgiving and christmas! ; a possible concert buddy whom i work with [aka going to the bluegrass festival to see edward sharpe!] ; possibly being a part of young professionals of evanston ; hopefully getting a YMCA membership ; getting a kitty!!

so, here’s to being busy and hopeful for new opportunities – and not letting november creep by.


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