ya know, i really only like to post blogs once a week or every other week – so not to bore any readers or even bombard them. but, while reading some of my “friends” status’ on facebook [i admit, im a junkie] and some blogs online, i became extremely frustrated. most people either a] did not know what today was, b] didn’t care, and/or c] bashed what today stood for. here are some of the idiotic things i have read already:

~ yet another color/ribbon for some “cause.” enough already.

~ what’s up with all this purple? did someone die?

~ you people need to get over yourself, we are people and should not be defined by our sexuality. maybe, if you kept your private life private (as I do) I do not go around parading that I am a hetrosexual, so shut-up.

~ stop the madness! there are other groups of people in the world who are suffering – not just the gays! open your fucking eyes.

~ there is no reason to honor someone who killed themselves.

i understand that some people do not stand for equal rights amongst homosexuals [i don’t understand why, but that’s besides the point], but shouldn’t ALL people stand for no violence?


One Comment to “noh8.”

  1. wowwwww….. did not see any of those but that is AWFUL :( i am sad i didnt pack any purple on my grand rapids trip ugh. and im also sad you aren’t in grand rapids!

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