hello evanston, illinois.

it has been eleven days since we moved in – but it feels longer than that because we have both been so busy. we like it here though. it’s a college town just like grand rapids, so there is always something to do. plus, it’s close to the lake and the city :]

our apartment: a second floor one bedroom – with a huge living and dining room. the bathroom is tiny, but we’re getting used to it. the kitchen is small, too, but it has these awesome built-in cabinets. very handy. the day after we moved in, we decided to paint the cubed rails on our dining room [aka our office] walls yellow. it looks so good with the dark brown trim! after everything is unpacked & i’ve decorated more, i’ll post pics :]

our neighborhood: so cute and fun. we’re uber close to the L [which takes us into downtown evanston, and into the city], to a starbucks [score!] and to a jewel and whole foods. plus, within a short walk are a ton of antique & book stores – my fave. there is also a studio with zumba, another studio with jazzercise and a couple of restaurants nearby.

downtown evanston: reminds me of grand rapids, but with an american apparel and an urban outfitters ;] oh, and a ginormous university on the lakefront. there are a ton of little vintage shops and boutiques – and i actually got a job at one of them. it is called asinamali, and they sell clothes, shoes, bags & jewelry. some of their lines are even fair trade and/or organic!

downtown chicago: only a 20-30 minute train ride away. we’re going there for the day on saturday & then watching the fireworks that night on navy pier <3

it’s taken a lot of getting used to, but i am liking it here. i could see myself staying for at least a year ;]


One Comment to “hello evanston, illinois.”

  1. Love your post. I’m going to send a link to it for http://www.evanston.patch.com, which is Evanston’s new online newspaper. Would you like to say anything about what you do for a living, or add any other details? –Christine Wolf@aol.com.

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