goodbye grand rapids, michigan.

though i have grown to know myself in this city, it is time to move on and grow even more.

but here are some of the things i will miss:

being a laker in a city full of lakers. my mother. late night trips to yesterdog and/or coney island and/or sonic. walks around eastown. farmer’s market-ing. college. tuesdays at montes. artprize. the bitter end and biggby. our very cute third floor grandville apartment. revue magazine. going one place and knowing at least four people. sunday fundays. gardellas. the downtown skyline. katie/jess/whitney/caitlin/diamond/fran/erin/margaret/cortney/morgan/colby. thursday night martinis at rockwells. having a zoo, a lake and apple orchards in such close proximity. san chez. knowing my way around the city. gaslight village.

luckily though, g-rap will only be three hours away from me – so i won’t have to go too long without these things :]


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