now now.

i reread the previous blog dozens of times & i realized it sounded pretty blue. but im not looking for any pity, folks. im just telling it like it is. its hard out there. not many people can find a job in the field they graduated in. but ill keep looking and applying, because that’s what i have to do. i can’t give up.


2 Comments to “now now.”

  1. my little tabbie munchkin… dont you worry. the perfect job is out there. and you can always do what i did… make your job for the meantime. no one is hiring what i want, ill do what i want anyways! you are a beautiful intelligent creative soul and when you find your spot in the career world its going to be insanely awesome. incredible things come with patience.

    love you so much. and im here for ya!


  2. aww thank you, jess! you’re such a sweetheart :]

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