so………… one of my old professors from grand valley called me the other night asking if i wanted to move to texas. does anyone ever want to move to texas? no. she said ‘that’s too bad. b/c i have a job for you’. of course my ears perked up and i shut my mouth [lets be real – i’m a 23 year old with a non-paying internship. im desperate.]. she continued to tell me that she knew of a sponsorship assistant needed in houston, for a well-known company. the company, you ask? LIVE NATION. that’s right. the company that manages ALL of the HUGE and AMAZING concert venues ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! immediately i am flabbergasted. shocked. tongue tied. she then continues to tell me that she thinks its 30 grand a year/full time/benefits. a big girl job! i freak out even more. so i get her email address and send her my cover letter & resume.

its been two days and i am on the edge of my seat. i haven’t heard from her. i HATE the waiting game. despise it.

can you imagine me in texas? me neither. but i am wishing/crossing my fingers/trying to be optimistic/trying not to get my hopes up/etc. i want this job. i will get this job.


One Comment to “texas?”

  1. if you move to Texas I want to come visit and also go to a concert. This is an amazing opportunity I’m so excited for you! I’ll keep all my fingers crossed, this could lead to amazing things for you!

    Keep me posted on this :)

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