when is enough, enough? where does faith come from? why does mariah carey still have a career? why do horrible things happen to good people? how do you move on from the past? why do athletes make so much money? what’s really going to happen in 2012? is having a psychiatrist embarrassing? why do people love the twilight movies even though they are horrible? how do you know you’re in love? why is health and education so expensive? how is hugh hefner still alive? why do you believe in god? is social media going to take over our lives? why do i have so many questions?


2 Comments to “questions”

  1. “why does mariah carey still have a career?” – LOVE this question. I ask myself that every time I see one of her new music videos. Remember when she came back with her “new” image? Yeah, me either…because it feels a lot like her old image.

  2. Oh man…I have an answer to every one of those questions for you. Srsly. :p

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